Miyakojima Rental Bike BIGJOY is a speciality shop of rental-bike and motarbike for leasure use. Enjoy Miyakojima sightseeing with our low price vehicle !!

Try our most popular rentacar with low price!!
40 large motorcycles always stock
★Cancellation is free for any reason / Free parking available
tel2 090-3796-4336  Open from 9:00 to 18:00

User guide

About car type

Our rental car is primarily for leisure use, so it does not meet the luxually demand.   The appearance is the average level.



For Minicar
3,500yen for 1st day
3,500yen after the 2nd day

※Same price for all year.
※Includes insurance and tax.

For MotarBike(50cc)
2,000yen for 1st day
2,000yen after the 2nd day

For MotarBike(125cc)
3,000yen for 1st day
3,000yen after the 2nd day

For MotarBike(250cc)
3,500yen for 1st day
4,000yen after the 2nd day

※Insurance is optional for motarbike.
(800yen per day)

※Calculate the day as 24 hours

Monthly contract
8 seaterr 80,000yen Includes insurance
CompactCar 70,000yen Includes insurance
MiniCar 50,000yen Includes insurance
MotarBike 30,000yen Includes insurance

With accommodation plan

Get our special discount for rentacar with accomodation!!
★rentacar with accomodation for 1 night (1 person) 5,800yen
★rentacar with accomodation for 1 night (2 people) 7,800yen
※Condominium type. Same price for all year.
※Includes insurance and tax.

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About insurance

Bodily injury:No limit Property damage:No limit Personal injury for driver:10million yen
Vehicle compensation:Market price(Disclaimer 100,000yen)

Terms and conditions

Cancellation charge

7 days before pick-up date Free
3 to 6 days before pick-up date 20% of basic charge
1 to 2 days before pick-up date 30% of basic charge
On the day 50% of basic charge

Way of payment

Please pay by cash at the front.

Gas charge

Gas must be full filled at the both of pickup and return. If gas is not full filled at return, gas charge is added to compensate for the shortage.

Extention charge

When you extend your rental period, please contact us in advance. Extention charge is collected when you return the car at our office.