Miyakojimax BIGJOY is a rental shop in Miyakojima. We have various item such as marine goods, fishing rod, BBQ set, Bike, Motarbike etc !!

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  Open from 9:00 to 18:00
★Near the public health center
★You can also visit us directly !!
★Cancellation is free for any reason
★Free parking available
tel2 090-3796-4336

Rental item list

Item per day per hour Remarks
Small car 4,300Yen 1,000Yen Insuarance fee is included Detail/RSV
MotarBike(50cc) 2,000Yen 500Yen The helmet is free. Detail/RSV
MotarBike(125cc) 3,000Yen 700Yen The helmet is free Detail/RSV
MotarBike(250cc) 4,000Yen 1,000Yen The helmet is free Detail/RSV
MotarBike(400cc) 5,000Yen 1,200Yen The helmet is free Detail/RSV
MotarBike(750cc) 7,800Yen 1,700Yen Includes insurance Detail/RSV
MotarBike(1000cc) 9,800Yen 2,000Yen Includes insuarance Detail/RSV
CBR 250 5,800Yen 1,200Yen Includes insuarance Detail/RSV
Magna 250 5,800Yen 1,200Yen Includes insuarance Detail/RSV
Electric bicycle 2,000Yen 500Yen Delivery service is available Detail/RSV
Bicycle 1,500Yen 300Yen Delivery service is available Detail/RSV
Sports type bicycle 2,500Yen 600Yen Delivery service is available Detail/RSV

Item Within 24H Every 24H thereafter Remarks
Snorkel 500Yen 300Yen Detail/RSV
Fin 600Yen 400Yen Detail/RSV
Underwater glasses 500Yen 300Yen Detail/RSV
Underwater glasses with degree 700Yen 500Yen Various degree are available Detail/RSV
Wet suits 2,400Yen 1,800Yen Detail/RSV
Life jacket 800Yen 500Yen L,M and for kids. Detail/RSV
Marine shoes 600Yen 400Yen Various size are available Detail/RSV
Cooler box 600Yen 300Yen Detail/RSV
Water supply jug 500Yen 300Yen Detail/RSV
fishing rod with reel 1,000Yen 500Yen Detail/RSV
BBQ set 3,800Yen 1,000Yen Detail/RSV
Beach parasol 800Yen 300Yen Detail/RSV
Generator(900W) 5,000Yen 3,000Yen For camp,BBQ,emergency etc. Detail/RSV
Majang Set 3,000Yen 1,000Yen Detail/RSV
Drone 2,000Yen 1,000Yen Detail/RSV
Generator(1600W) 7,000Yen 5,000Yen For camp,BBQ,emergency etc. Detail/RSV
child seat 1,000Yen 500Yen Detail/RSV
stroller 1,000Yen 600Yen Detail/RSV
Futon set 2,500Yen 800Yen mattress,Comforters,pillow Detail/RSV
4K Video camera 5,000Yen 3,000Yen with wide converter, SD card & tripod Detail/RSV